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Monday, March 30, 2015

Yikes! I finally did it......

I finally bought the camera I've been wanting. I've saved every single penny that I was given for birthdays and Christmas for the past two years. I've been watching and waiting for the 'can't pass it up' deal.

It finally happened.

A good deal, plus the worry that I'd miss out on this particular camera (it's being discontinued by the 'new and improved' model) drove the buy. Although this was far from impulse. I've been thinking and planning for a very long time.

A definite upgrade from my Canon XTi, this one has the added benefit of supporting all of my current lenses (like my macro). The new version will not, but it's got a very hefty price tag, and a ton of features and options that I'd never use anyway.

The plan is to have this camera on me for a very long time. I'm not a pro, have no plans on becoming a pro, but do consider myself a pretty good amature photographer. That said, I still have a lot to learn, even though I've been taking photographs for years (starting all the way back with film). 

I'll probably sell the Canon Rebel body to help offset more of the cost, because really, I don't need two digital camera bodies anyway. But time will tell. This old one might be good to hang on to for those times I don't want to haul the bigger guns.

And it does have heft. Way more than the XTi.

Now I really need to start shooting photos again. Something I've let fall by the wayside for far too long.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sewing and my lack of interest thereof....

I am not a sewer. I can sew, I just don't like to.

I mean, in college I made a good portion of my clothing. Mostly skirts, a few tops. Over the years when I've gotten the desire to sew I've made pillows, curtains, that sort of thing.

I blame it all on a bad home economics experience in high school. Remember home ec? Do they even still teach that class anymore?

Last week I got my sewing machine out to work on a hat for a Kentucky Derby function (a school auction with the Derby theme). I made this hat.

I found the straw hat at the thrift store for $4. The bias tape and floral headband came from Joann Fabrics. The flowers from the Dollar Store (they look way better than what the craft stores have these days - go figure). And the tulle came from a friends stash.

I machine stitched the bias tape across the top, but could not wedge the edge underneath the machine to do the other side. So I hand stitched it. Hand stitched. By hand. I hate hand stitching even more than I hate machine stitching.

I do think it turned out really well, and I have a couple of seamstress friends who seemed impressed. Run with it I say.

Too bad I have no other events to wear such a thing to. Someone suggested I sell it. lol

Fast forward several days.....

My sewing machine is still sitting out on the table, and I've actually got some things planned. *faint*

I don't want anyone to choke, so please put down whatever it is your drinking. I'll wait while you laugh hysterically.
But seriously, I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple of days ago and my mind started racing. For my mind to race about sewing, well, that takes a lot.

Yesterday I came across a couple of skirts at the thrift store that would have been perfect, but by then the idea had totally slipped my mind. Until I got home. Drat!

I forgot because it involves sewing. My mind doesn't work that way. Beading, painting, photography, that's how MY mind works.

Since I couldn't get the skirts out of my mind I went back today to see if they were still there. Gone. :( I did find a couple of others - a denim mini and a longer length floral. I pinned them together for the picture, but the finished product will look similar. I might raise or lower the denim a bit more. I haven't quite decided. 

The floral skirt is REALLY floral. And although I like it, it is a little out of my comfort zone. I think with the denim top piece I can pull it off though. 

I also found a blue floral and a white skirt. I like the idea of merging those two together as well, or finding another denim skirt to use with the blue...On the other hand I love both skirts on their own. Very comfortable and great for summer. We'll see how it pans out.

If I piece those together;

Or the blue and denim;

I apologize for the pictures. I'm a much better photographer than this, but it's been dark and rainy, and to be honest, my heart just hasn't been in much of anything the past few days. I'm still working at getting back on track.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another loss for our family.....

This morning we said goodbye to our buddy Turbo.

He had a good run (literally) - 17 years worth, and he came honestly by his name, as well as his adventurous reputation. A reputation which preceded him based on the stories we had to tell.

We love you and will miss you always.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fabulous salad....

We wanted something light for dinner the other night, so I thew together some red leaf lettuce, arugula, spinach, chickpeas (cece beans), dried cherries, mandarins, and walnuts, drizzled w/ orange olive oil and orange vinegar (Oregon Olive Mill is what I use).

You could also add chicken, bacon bits, a different kind of bean, or just about anything else you'd like.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Time flies....

And here we are, well past the Christmas holidays and zooming through February of 2015.

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the beginning of the year. We started January off by taking part in the Apartment Therapy January Cure for the second year in a row. Slightly revised from the previous year, and since we had done it once already before, it didn't seem quite as tiring or overwhelming. Although admittedly, I still have a few 'chores' to complete. If you've never done it and really want to whip your house into shape over the course of a month or two, I highly recommend it. ;-)

During this past month I have found myself without a means of transportation. My nearly 17 year old Nissan Sentra currently sits in the driveway as we make a major decision about whether to drop in a new engine, or finally bite the bullet and buy a newer car. Sigh. Major decisions never seem to end lately. One thing after another, but it keeps life interesting right?

As much of the other side of the country sits in depths of snow, here in the NW we've had drier than normal conditions. Oregon is extremely low on snow pack. Temperatures are hovering close to what would generally be considered spring for us. And the sunsets, well, this is what we got tonight.

It will be interesting to see what the rest of 'winter' holds, and if spring is indeed upon us several months too soon.

How have you all been doing?

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