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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Roses

I've grown a bit tired of doing digital work, so this week I got my hands into paper, paint, and glue again.

See other roses at SPA.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear diary....

I was kicked by a horse today. A new experience for me. One I hope never to repeat.

It hurt, and I've got a large grapefruit sized bruise on my bum.

I'm just thankful that my ribs and head are still in tact.

It's making me rethink this whole horse owning thing. I spent my youth around horses, cattle, chickens, and other animals. I have never been kicked by a horse (or cow) in my life.  

My day started out normally enough, but then our elderly neighbor called just after hubby left for work this morning. She told me that her horses had gotten out again and she didn't know quite what to do.

Hubby and I thought she had already gotten rid of them. After the last time they got out she was on the phone to various organizations looking for someone to give them too. I guess nothing has panned out yet.

In our conversation she told me how terribly afraid she was that they were going to get out on the road and get hit. I guess that's a concern, but we're on a rural gravel road with the only traffic being neighbors. It's not likely.

In my stupidity I offered to put them in one of our corrals.

A good idea in theory. Not so much in real life.

We have two horses in our field right now that belong to another neighbor. He's renting our field for his horses to graze in. 

After introducing her horses to the horses in our field, and that going well, I decided to try and get hers into one of our barn corrals. Problem with that is I had to go through the main gate and past the other horses. They were okay with the new horses on the outside of the fence, not so much when they were in closer proximity.

When I got the gate open my neighbor started pushing on it trying to get her other pony through. I was trying to keep it as closed as possible so as to contain the others. Since our neighbor is deaf I motioned for her to stop pushing on the gate. That's when everything got out of control and the hooves and legs started flying. The pastured horses were not happy campers.

I tried to duck behind the horse I was holding, but I still ended up getting kicked pretty hard. I was grazed on my side, but my butt took it full force. Hurt like hell. As I said, except for that bruise, thankfully I'm no worse for wear.

The horse I was holding is head strong, and it took me a while to get her back out the gate. She's small, but she's strong. It was quite the dance trying to work her back out. Trying to hold her, keep the other ones back, and latch the gate with one hand was impossible. I was nearly in tears.

By that time our neighbor was on the ground having difficulty breathing. I didn't call 911 because we've been there, done that, and this time was different. She was okay, she just needed to rest.

Since I had the cordless phone on me I called hubby to come back home. Thankfully he was only ten minutes out. Our neighbor would not stay down. She got up, handed me the rope to the other horse, and told me that she hated to leave me in that situation but that she had to go home.

I couldn't do anything but stand there until hubby showed up because the leads on both horses were too short to tie them up.

I don't mind helping neighbors out when they need it, but this was beyond the call of duty. One reason I like to keep to myself and not get too involved with neighbors. I'm not totally anti-social, I'm just cautious. lol

In the end we took the horses back to her barn, even though part of the fence was broken (they kicked it out at some point). There was no choice.

Another neighbor has since fixed her corral so as to contain them, at least for the short term, while the animals are awaiting a new home.

If things weren't stressed enough around here, the neighbor renting our field decided it was a good time to bring two more horses down. The two we have weren't riled up enough.

Even though the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow, I'm seriously considering locking the door, unplugging the phone, and hiding out. Away from horses, away from people.

Good night diary.

Friday Freebie - Norm

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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