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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mugs, dishware, glassware....It's all a trap!

Hubby and I went to Pier 1 yesterday so I could show him a chair that I found this past week....I also showed him the mug that I wanted to buy, but didn't, due to our clean out during the January Cure.

Anyone who knows me well knows my love of dishware. Seriously, I've got a problem. The perfect business for me would be an art supply, dishware/glassware, coffee and homemade cookie store. lol

It's amazing that I actually have one set of dishes that I've owned for ten years (they're worse for wear) and would buy again in a heartbeat if I could find them. They are that loved. Usually I keep dishes for two or three years and move on.

I also have a set of plain white IKEA dinnerware that I love, and some Pfaltzgraff Cappuccino dinnerware. It's the artist in me I guess. Food presentation and all that. lol

Anyway, the mug....I showed him, mentioned how it would be great for tea, and he said, 'Why don't you go ahead and buy one, two if you want".

Seriously? After all that work we did to clean out our kitchen and pare down?

So....I bought two of these. Hee, hee. Each side a bit different. Click either image to be taken the direct page.

He then said that buying the occasional mug/dishware piece is just a hazard of being married to me. *rolleyes* There are worse habits I suppose.


Gwen said...

There are some Pier1 dishes I would love to have. Or there were last summer. I've avoided going in there for fear of being overcome with the "need" for them. LOL

I am still using my Fiesta dishes which I've had for many years. New Fiesta, not old. I don't like them any more. I would love a solid white set of dishes.

Carole said...

Ack! You don't like your Fiesta anymore?

I love our mugs, but I probably wouldn't like colorful plates. I mean, I like Fiesta in theory, but there's a lot of food that doesn't look good w/ a background of color.

Solid white or cream makes everything look good.

Snap said...

A tea drinker can never have too many mugs. My store would be books, paper goods, pens.

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