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Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday was an interesting day. Today even more so.

Nothing like most people across the country are experiencing, but still, our own little winter wonderland.

Snow was falling heavily and sticking when I left home yesterday morning. Twenty minutes north there was absolutely nothing. Usually it's reversed. We get little or nothing. People are always surprised by that considering we're basically butted up against the mountain range.

A few more miles and it was back to heavy snowfall, but thankfully it was a dry snow, visibility was fine, and at that point the roads were dry because the snow was blowing away. People freaked out anyway. They always do. We get snow so rarely on the valley floor that people aren't prepared for it, nor do they know how to drive in it.

Many freak out at the sight of rain these days (non natives I think). I say if you can't handle driving in the rain you don't belong in Oregon. ;-)

Being cautious is one thing (too many people drive like maniacs), but there's being ridiculous too. 

I cut my errands short because the temperature dropped rapidly and things went from bad to worse. People started leaving work early, which caused serious grid lock. My usual 45 min. drive home took over 1-1/2 hours.

During my outing I had one minor little spin out, nothing serious, just a slow motion spin around a curved exit. A very s-l-o-w motion spin. I was only going 20mph at that point so I doubt it would have even happened if the road wasn't slanted on that particular corner. 

When the car stopped I was facing the sidewalk. The car behind me gave plenty of room (sometimes people don't), and I was able to put the car in reverse, gently back up, and continue on my way.

The closer to home, the less snow. Much less than we had when I had left during the morning hours. Because of the cold there were icicles on the windshield wipers, so they were pretty useless. That was a new experience. The last 15 minutes of my drive were pretty dicey due to all of the hills and the fact that it hadn't been driven much at that point. 

Today we had steady from about 1pm on, and by late afternoon had accumulated nearly 5". It stopped snowing briefly around dusk, but has since started up again. The last weather report said to expect another 5-6", w/ the possibility of even more on Sunday. Yikes!

At least we're not getting the wind that the south side is getting. Things would be much colder if that were the case.


Snap said...

Enjoy your winter wonderland!

Daniel LaFrance said...

You have captured much of the wonder winter/snow gives... many of us.

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